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Providing a range of services to cover a variety of things.  How can we help you?

Home Service

The best option is the most convenient one.  Having to take your computer to a store or repair center is a hassle and un-necessary when we can help, right at your doorstep.

Advise & Consultation

Providing technical support is the heart and soul of our business. Providing the right information goes hand in hand. If you have a technical question, chances are we have the right answer for you.

System Clean

When it comes to computers, the best way to start is to start fresh. With a complete reinstall your system will behave more like what is was than what it currently is.

Network & Internet Extension

Whether you need a new Internet connection set up or help with your home network, we offer expert help and deal with the hard things so that you can take it easy.

Email Security

Your security is our business and your safety our priority.  With the latest threats in the cyber world and carefully crafted emails, exploits like ransomware can hit hard. We provide a great subscription service that works.

Web Design

We fully manage your website requirement which means we take care of it all so that you don't have to worry about a thing. From Domain Registrations to Hosting, Design and Editing.

Desktop Support

Too far away?  As long as you have a good Internet connection, we offer a virtual presence by remotely helping you with any issues you might be having with software.

Expert Agent

Want us to be your expert handler for buying your next laptop or computer?  We look for the best deals or offers locally and abroad to get you exactly what you want.


Convenient. Reliable. Easy.

At our earliest possible time we can visit your home to analyse and diagnose the issue you may be having with your system.  We always aim to resolve a problem if it can be fixed there and then.  Should repairs, replacements or other action be required to fix the problem we will advise you the next best coarse of action.

Our service extends to anything relating to I.T so whether the problem is with your Internet service, your WIFI coverage at your home, your printer not working or your tablet is not sending emails - we can come and sort it out for you.

To see costs of a home visit take a look at our coverage map.  To make it worth while, make a list of things to cover for when we visit!


Expert Advise. Right Decision.

We regularly give advise for all manner of computer related questions.  These are just some of the questions we get asked...

"Why isn't my E-mail working?"

"How do I back up my files?"

"What can I do to make my computer faster?"

"Why do I keep getting this message when I try to do this?"

"How do I attach pictures to my E-mail?"

"I know what I want to do but don't know how to go about doing it, please help!?"

As you can see, we deal with all sorts so if you have a question then we can help, don't be afraid to call and ask.  Why keep wondering when you can get an expert answer?  Our consultation is very reasonable as well.


Like when it was new.

When you first got your computer it ran so much quicker than what it runs like today.  That's mostly because over time, as various software has been installed and removed, updates and patches loaded, start-up components added your computer has gotten bloated.  A completely clean install known as formatting is done to wipe your hard drive clear of all data including the operating system.

Don't worry, we back up all your personal files, favourites and emails before we do this.  Then we reload all the necessary software for you to get back up and running.

A clean install means a more organized file structure and registry which loosely translates to a happy like when it was new computer.

Please note when choosing this option, all data for saved passwords will be lost and you will be required to login to all saved websites and services again (Eg. FaceBook, Emails, Online Banking, Skype etc)  Ensure you have these credentials available.  All licenses provided from the original supplier will be required to re-install software.


Extend. Improve. Connect.

We provide technical support for any network and Internet related faults from simple to complex.

We also provide permanent solutions for expanding your WiFi Network at your property.  This includes cabling from your existing Internet router to areas of your property that require Internet connectivity and specialised equipment to act as WiFi sentries where your existing WiFi network is unable to reach. Enterprise level equipment designed and engineered for high level data throughput typically deployed in City areas, University and Campus grounds ensures the best possible quality for uninterrupted performance within your internal network.

Below is a sample diagram showing how you can expand your internal WiFi network for you and your guests... permanently.

This is a bespoke solution so we will provide you a tailored quote based on our onsite audit.


Confidence. Peace of Mind. Safe.

There are so many threats against your data and personal files in todays connected world.  A lot of these threats travel via email services.  Most get blocked but some fool the systems that try and safeguard you and can fool you too.  Threats even disguise themselves as if they are from the very people you already know!  Their very design makes them look legitimate and that is the scary thing.  Now more than ever, your irreplaceable data is specifically targetted and in danger.

Our service is simple, proven and works every time.  Once subscribed, you will be able to forward any emails you want to check for potential malware or security vulnerability to an email address and within 24 hours you will get a response back with a report on whether the contents of the email are legitimate or have something to be worried out.  Until such time simply keep the email without opening the attachment or clicking on any links.

Once validated simply perform the recommended action.

It's a peace of mind and a second opinion, one that you can rely on and one that could save you immense aggrevation later on.  


Create a lasting impression starting from your online presence...

In an ideal world people wouldn't judge a book by its cover and first impressions won't matter.

It is important to make the right impression and draw a picture that makes people want to turn the page.  We have skills and expertise to provide you with your very own online presence whether it is creating a website for your blogs or for your business.

We offer affordable options to get you started on making the right impression and tailor your online presence to suit you.


Getting help should be easy.  Now it is.

One of the advantages of being connected is having help and support at your fingertips.  With technology and a little bit of smart software you can get help almost immediately.

We use a remote support tool that allows us to help you with your problems on the computer as long as you have a good Internet connection and are able to turn your computer on to use it.

Talk to us and make an appointment to get help even if you're miles away from it.


Hire an expert to deal with it.

When it comes to the world of computers, you have choices.  The sky is the limit which means choices are plentiful but which one is the right choice?

Which processor is better?

How much memory is relevant?

How big is the Hard Drive?

What does it matter?

It does matter and the difference is making the right investment or making a mistake.  Get your Gigahertz and Gigabytes in order and let an expert deal with the technicalities. We research and recommend the best offers available to you based on your criteria and keep you informed of the reasons why your purchase will tick all the boxes.

Our expert agent fee is a fixed price service.  If confidence in your purchase is important then this is a choice we highly recommend.